Mission Statement IAUPE

IAUPE seeks to foster an international exchange of ideas on the basis of excellent scholarship in all fields and periods of English (literary, linguistic, cultural-historical). Our triennial conferences, held in English and non-English speaking countries alternately, offer the opportunity to share new research with colleagues in our own special fields, while we can also learn much from papers given on other periods or subjects. Ideally, the conference provides a cross section of insights into the whole field of English, enabling the meeting and conversation of as diverse a set of colleagues as one would rarely be able to meet in one place. Besides the scholarly discussions, we also exchange information about local or national specifics related to teaching and university politics, thus fostering alliances and providing mutual support.

The general frame of non-competitive intellectual discussion among peers ensures a very friendly atmosphere, most conducive to constructive criticism and the fruitful development of shared research interests. The social programme is an integral part of our conferences, as it extends the opportunities for conversation, while at the same time offering insights into cultures with which we are less (or sometimes not at all) familiar.

In today’s conflict-riven and specialist-driven world it seems more necessary than ever to provide spaces for face-to-face exchanges between members of diverse textual communities and different fields of Anglophone Studies. IAUPE offers a forum where we can practise what we teach: curiosity, diligence, tolerance, and polished cutting-edge papers.

IAUPE members nominating candidates for admission are encouraged to refer to this mission statement when considering nominees who will help IAUPE accomplish its mission.


Adopted by the Executive Committee, July 16, 2018